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Gemini Spice accepts submissions from writers of all decent. 

We post our content either in #poeticfridays, #sundaystories or #weeklythoughts channels. 

The only condition we have is that they do not contain stereotypes that continue to marginalize Africans, women, poor people, LGBTQ community or contain any hate speech. 

For each category below, submit Atmost: 

-3 poems, 

-2 non-fictional works, 

-2 stories, 

-1 Personal story

-2 essays, 

-2 commentaries, 

-2 think pieces 

to join the inclusive, diverse, equal and accepting commune of Gemini Spice. 

Ensure you send your work as a word document, send a photo to go with a piece, your name, bio, and where you are writing from. 

Go ahead and puke your dreams here!

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Gemini Spice Magazine Calls For ‘We Will Survive Covid’ Submissions.

Deadline: 15th October 2020

Gemini Spice Magazine is the first ever Kenyan Literary Magazine built on African Feminist and Socialist Ideologies. 

We are publishing our first issue in October. 

In line with this, we call on writers, poets, activists, artists from all over the world, regardless of their age, gender, race religion and any barriers you have been conditioned to believe divide human beings (we are in Covid together), to submit content in form of essays, poems, commentaries, think pieces, personal stories, features, rants, art pieces,  etc. For our “We Will Survive Covid” Issue. 

Over the course of the earth, humans have dealt with many calamities, pandemics, diseases, death. But we have always emerged and continue to exist, and persist.We need to keep this spirit up. In this Covid-19 era, people have lost jobs, ways of income, their normal life, and most importantly, hope. 

In your pieces, tell us how Covid-19 has changed your life, how you have had to adjust, the lessons you have learnt and share some words of hope to all living. We need it.

Submit your pieces and be part of an important issue in the world’s history.

In your submission, please clarify on your email subject if you are submitting for the Covid series or normal submissions. 

We will be publishing them at the end of October. So hold your horses and wait for us to review the submission and you will be part of this awesome Issue. 

Check our submissions guideline above and be part of a glorious moment in history