My Nairobi, My Story

My First Job

Reading Time: 5 minutes Rule no 1. Never talk to the husband if he is with the wife. Rule No.2. Chinese People wont change their minds. Rule No.3 Americans will buy, they are interested in seeing capitalism grow. Europeans will want you to sell to them like a slave, Brenda advised

Brighter Days

Reading Time: 3 minutes Then we saw the need and importance of a conductor. The pedestrian tried to open the door to no vail, despite instructions from the driver. The woman seated at the door tried, the man next to the woman tried, it wouldn’t bulge. I looked on. In innocent wander.

A Case For The Public Wanker

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ladies and gentlemen, a few days ago, on a cool, tranquil evening, as I strolled down the streets of Twitter, feeling all intelligent and powerful as I retweeted, liked and commented on whatever I thought was mentally palatable to me, I stumbled upon something that caused me to squirm.

It was a video of a man masturbating in public.

Reflections on April 3rd 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes We can only hope that this raises greater awareness around the need for reforms, whether in housing or policing or the economy itself, as banks are getting cash infusions to keep them afloat while SME’s are not. I feel sad for all the women who run small businesses like saloons who have now been robbed of an income with very little hope of a government interest free loan to keep their business afloat and food on their families table. But we continue to endure, however heavy loads can and do break backs, so we hope this crisis doesn’t end with more women being crippled.

Everyone Has An Earphones Story, Here’s Mine

Reading Time: 4 minutes You might think you have struck gold with a particular set and two or three weeks later, it joins the previous occupant of the box of damaged goods. For this one, you didn’t even get to ever open the nicely packed spare pair of plugs gift to cushion your ears. The only other mistake you can make, is purchase a new one.
It’s always a heartbreak story. With everyone. At least eventually.

My #jichoche2020 Story: 5 Years Ago I was Having The Worst Week of My Life. I Wrote A Poem.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today is a special day. At exactly 20.20 Nairobi hours, on the 20th of January of 2020 (sounds special right) I will post my #jichoche2020 story. Today I found a poem I wrote five years ago. On the 14th of May 2015, titled ‘Just A Week’. It was not just fancy writing but bleeding my …

My #jichoche2020 Story: 5 Years Ago I was Having The Worst Week of My Life. I Wrote A Poem. Read More »