African Without Apology

Finally, Wakanda Forever

Reading Time: 4 minutes Now, first of all, we real Africans who actually represent Wakanda do not speak with that accent. I did not like that accent at all. Like for real, I live in a country in Africa, and I don’t speak like that, nor do my parents or friends. Lupita actually said that “these (referring to the Black Panther and the general) are my friends from Kenya”. So, question to Lupita. “Now that you are from Kenya, have you ever had any of us speaking like that?” so the accent, zii!!!

Hottest east african 2016 sounds

Reading Time: 4 minutes There is no doubt that this year has been a musical one for East Africa. We have had comebacks from prodigal sons, new acts, and better performances by the popular musicians. They have taken us to other worlds with their hits and created a name for East Africa that will not be forgotten anytime soon.