African Without Apology


Reading Time: < 1 minute A land with many rivers flowing through the valleys the plains into the mass surrounded by a large ocean. Black African mermaids bathed with no fear in the river, the African sun blessing their dark bodies and filling their hairs with glory


Reading Time: < 1 minute British colonial forces executed Dedan Kimathi, one of the fiercest anti-colonial African revolutionaries and freedom fighters whose struggle brought independence to the nation of Kenya, and Duped Kenyans by Handpicking an imposter and a Friend of the British Mzee Jomo Kenyatta who never fought for shit to be the President of Kenya!

Read African Books!! Ngugi is Still King!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Our stories are about the culture we had before the white man came to disrupt it. Our story is the cultural clash between ours and theirs. Our story is about the God we worshiped before we were told to close our eyes and speak in tongues while they stole our land, raped our mothers and destroyed the future of our generation. Our heroes are the Mau Mau who killed them and made them uncomfortable enough to leave our land. Our story is that Dedan Kimathi who fought never became president and that the son of Mt. Kenya began a tribal coalition that separated the rest of Kenya. That’s our story. If you don’t read stuff that revolve around that, can you truly call yourself Kenyan?

The Kenyan Corruption Lense

Reading Time: 3 minutes I know in my last article I blamed the white men for bringing corruption to our country but we also have to take responsibility for the things we have done. I mean, we are not sheep, we are human beings with brains, who can be accountable for what we do. Look deep into your heart and conscience- if you still have it- and ask yourself if everything you do is free off corruption. What you are doing, is it adding fuel to the corruption fire or is it helping to extinguish it?

Corruption Is Ingrained Into The DNA of Kenya

Reading Time: 4 minutes But, if we were to fight corruption, who would fight? Forget the government. Too busy thinking about who will run the country come 2022. Journalists have turned to writing crap and avoid any serious conversations. The university students who used to go out to the streets to fight evil are in silence. I am one of them. Some are just too scared to do anything about it. At the rate those who dare break the silence are being incarcerated for fake news and incitement, I would also be scared.  The rest simply do not care because they are busy thinking about their families and their future. But what future is there if our country will have gone into the pockets of greedy people who care nothing about the masses?