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Radical Feminist

Prey In A Man’s World!

Reading Time: 6 minutes When I was founding Sikimyii in 2018, I talked to a friend at a conference we had both attended organized by the Commonwealth. I asked him to help me brainstorm on ideas. He was dealing with the plight of the Muslim and Somali-origin individuals who the government and some of us always brand as terrorists. He told me one thing I will never forget.
He asked, “who is raping women?” I said, “rapists.” He told me, “you are wrong, its men who are raping women.” And for a while I was dumbstruck. “so, talk to the men and tell them to stop raping women!”

This Is It (The Power of 26)

Reading Time: 3 minutes And now, I just want it all. A full life. Meet and interact with more people. Learn more languages and culture. Read and learn more. Understand more. Listen more. Write more. Express more. Live more. Love more. Want More. More. I don’t how many years I have been promised. I plan to live my life in truest version of myself with no apology whatsoever! The dream is to get a monument, so baby watch this space coz a fearless spirit, a fire-breathing dragon, has risen and she ain’t dying any time soon. Raaarh!!

My #jichoche2020 Story: 5 Years Ago I was Having The Worst Week of My Life. I Wrote A Poem.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today is a special day. At exactly 20.20 Nairobi hours, on the 20th of January of 2020 (sounds special right) I will post my #jichoche2020 story. Today I found a poem I wrote five years ago. On the 14th of May 2015, titled ‘Just A Week’. It was not just fancy writing but bleeding my …

My #jichoche2020 Story: 5 Years Ago I was Having The Worst Week of My Life. I Wrote A Poem. Read More »