Month: July 2020


Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you felt so angry at yourself by pushing away your soulmate thinking that you are doing things for your both your welfare, have you ever felt alone? Loneliness as result of pulling someone too close so close that you wish the tension would break your rib cage and reveal your lonely cold soul.

Afrika and Her Children

Reading Time: 3 minutes And therefore a Matriarchal society never meant exploitation of men but rather all genders living under one umbrella of a caring mother.
It was until religion was introduced that later brought in gender discourses and women were the most affected, men too were affected by being given more responsibilities and roles, but women were literally placed at the lowest hierarchy followed by men then white men.
It distracted a lot of set up in Africa!

It’s Time

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s not time to play God.

People are dying and people will still die if we continue like this. It’s no
way to live in this beautiful planet that we are blessed to be at. So let’s join nature in nurturing

Women, Women, Women

Reading Time: < 1 minute When will you realize your power? The pre-capitalist and matriarchal societies throughout Africa allowed women to have substantial control over politics, the quintessential example of this cultural practice was found in ancient Egypt. In 3,000 BC, Egyptian women managed real estate properties, slaves, livestock, endowments, and annuities. Furthermore, due to its matrilineal nature, Egyptian society …

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