Month: June 2020


Reading Time: < 1 minute British colonial forces executed Dedan Kimathi, one of the fiercest anti-colonial African revolutionaries and freedom fighters whose struggle brought independence to the nation of Kenya, and Duped Kenyans by Handpicking an imposter and a Friend of the British Mzee Jomo Kenyatta who never fought for shit to be the President of Kenya!

Prey In A Man’s World!

Reading Time: 6 minutes When I was founding Sikimyii in 2018, I talked to a friend at a conference we had both attended organized by the Commonwealth. I asked him to help me brainstorm on ideas. He was dealing with the plight of the Muslim and Somali-origin individuals who the government and some of us always brand as terrorists. He told me one thing I will never forget.
He asked, “who is raping women?” I said, “rapists.” He told me, “you are wrong, its men who are raping women.” And for a while I was dumbstruck. “so, talk to the men and tell them to stop raping women!”

Brighter Days

Reading Time: 3 minutes Then we saw the need and importance of a conductor. The pedestrian tried to open the door to no vail, despite instructions from the driver. The woman seated at the door tried, the man next to the woman tried, it wouldn’t bulge. I looked on. In innocent wander.

A Case For The Public Wanker

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ladies and gentlemen, a few days ago, on a cool, tranquil evening, as I strolled down the streets of Twitter, feeling all intelligent and powerful as I retweeted, liked and commented on whatever I thought was mentally palatable to me, I stumbled upon something that caused me to squirm.

It was a video of a man masturbating in public.

Mona Lisa

Reading Time: < 1 minute The dance between these is demanded for a society to exist in harmony.

In this dance however, one’s limits are often exceeded, and a battle of self usually arises,

The fight between sense and sanity, red and blue, fire and water, like a volcano flowing into the ocean