Month: September 2019


Reading Time: 2 minutes Remember that day 

When you held me close to your bosom

Chasing away the cold and rain

Yanking me from the storm 

When the waves took us to that Island

Where It was only you and I 

There sweet darling

You enchanted this poet 

With melodies unknown to my stupid heart

There you took me away 

From their prying stares and glares 

Dreadology 101

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Ras!”

This is the most common greeting I get on the streets.


Is another enticing one I am used to especially with Zimmerians. Somewhere close to this there is the, “Aiiire!”

“Miaka ngapi sasa?”

Disgusting. But what the hell?

“Sasa izi ukitaka kutoa si lazima unyoe?”

Mostly by my aunties and uncles who after five long years of this remarkable transformation, haven’t come to terms with it. Fuck off!

“Eiiiiiiiiiish! Rada?”

When I walk with my dreaded boyfriend. The Rasta couple!

“Naeza shika?”

Hold up! What have we said about touching an African woman’s hair?