Month: May 2018

There is ‘Power’ In Love

Reading Time: 3 minutes But I guess the good dresses have to skip a generation. Have you ever seen the thing Diana wore to her wedding?   But Meghan Markle is beautiful and she looks just like her mother, who is black. I wonder how she felt watching her daughter getting married. Power to the Africans once again. We are slowly taking over the colonizers. Even a black priest preached and said the magical words “There is power in love.”

Finally, Wakanda Forever

Reading Time: 4 minutes Now, first of all, we real Africans who actually represent Wakanda do not speak with that accent. I did not like that accent at all. Like for real, I live in a country in Africa, and I don’t speak like that, nor do my parents or friends. Lupita actually said that “these (referring to the Black Panther and the general) are my friends from Kenya”. So, question to Lupita. “Now that you are from Kenya, have you ever had any of us speaking like that?” so the accent, zii!!!

The Douchebag Market I

Reading Time: 4 minutes In my 10 loyal years to the douchebag market, I have been with a boy who asked me for money every step of the way, a thief, a complainer, a serial-womanizer, a peddler, a psycho and a guy who asked for money a lot. You should see my re-battle on Zero Chills TV, or you can just any of my friends.